Confusion Dawning as Wisdom— Cham Dance, Sand Mandala and Puja of Offerings to Mahakala

The unabridged version of Cham Dance, Sand Mandala and Puja of Offerings to Mahakala will be held for the very first time in Taiwan in 2019.


Buddhas manifesting as wrathful protectors who tame mara while helping living beings

The Puja of Offerings to Mahakala has been practiced since the 3rd Gyawal Dohkampa without interruption for more than three hundred years. The 8th Dohkampa once lamented, “Whatever other Buddhist pujas, however much more is added, none is comparable to The Puja of Offerings to Mahakala. Having been practiced by the Kagyupa lineage masters, it remains glorious and contains enormous blessings!”

Yet those who have practiced its entire sessions and received its blessings are limited to Tibetan practitioners.

The Puja of Offerings to Mahakala is going to be held in Taishan Stadium in New Taipei City, Taiwan—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity indeed!

The purpose of practicing tantric Buddhism is to benefit living beings. In order to be enlightened so as to benefit all living beings, those who participate in The Puja of Offerings to Mahakala (also known as Protector of Primordial Wisdom) with a sincere and altruistic motivation, will completely remove the impure perception arising from ignorance and afflictive emotions, just as lineage masters attain the non-dual wisdom, gain great power to bring mastery to existence and manifest their original qualities of the nature of the mind.

A powerful tenth-bhumi Bodhisattva manifesting everywhere, Mahakala never leaves our side.

Mahakala and various Dharma protectors led by Him are manifestations by various Buddhas dwelling in the Dharmatatu. Out of compassion for the suffering beings in the six realms, these enlightened guardians constantly watch over living beings, just as mothers care for their children. Their outward appearances are wrathful deities so that they are able to bring mastery over and tame any malicious beings like evil spirits and rahkshasas.

In response to worldly needs, lineage Dharma protectors are both compassionate as Bodhisattvas and swift like worldly spirits and gods. They grant wishes like Cintāmaṇi (wish fulfilling jewel) and are powerful as lightning and thunder. Therefore, activities such as warding off illness and misfortune, increasing wealth and wisdom, can be accomplished.

Therefore, it's been our sincere hope over the years that more Buddhist practitioners may form connections with various Dharma protectors.

As it has been practiced in the past, the unabridged version is full of blessings.

This spring, the complete and unabridged The Puja of Offerings to Mahakala (in terms of duration, sadhana, mandala and personnel) will be presented, as it has been practiced in the past 300 years. The full puja consists of 2 days of preliminary practices, 3 days of creation of the sand mandala, half day of mandala decoration and 8 days of main practices of recitation and visualization. Full sessions of The Puja of Offerings to Mahakala will be held in Taiwan for the very first time!

Togden Achu, head yogi of Khampagar monastery's retreat center will lead other yogis and monks in the full sessions of the puja. The 9th Khamtrul Rinpoche will preside over the puja in the last 4 days.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Yogis rest their mind in the naked awareness of the mind and visualize themselves as wrathful deities, fueled by altruistic compassion. The yogis, whose mind dwells in the original awareness, which is clear and luminous, fully realize that they themselves are none other than deities whose nature is inherently empty and luminous. With the realization and meditative power which both free them from the confusion of the mind and grant them the power of the deity, the yogis are no longer deluded by spirits and gods that are part of the dual phenomena and are able to command them just like a monarch giving commands to his subjects. This is the true intent of meditating on the mandala of Mahakala.

The grandeur and the immense blessings of the puja can only be felt by those who are present and devotional. Offering one’s body, speech and mind or wealth to the mandala will ward off misfortune and obstacles which prevent practitioners from focusing on the Dharma practice as well as accumulate one’s merit. During Bardo, Dharma protectors can either ensure a fortunate rebirth as a human or deva or escort the practitioner to the pure land. They will accompany practitioners until the attainment of full enlightenment.

This is exactly what is meant by The Four Dharmas of Gampopa, “Grant your blessing so that my mind may turn towards the Dharma. Grant your blessing so that Dharma may progress along the path. Grant your blessing so that the path may clarify confusion. Grant your blessing so that confusion may dawn as wisdom.” With the four Dharmas accomplished, the practitioners will be able to enlighten countless living beings and this is the very purpose of practicing the Dharma, which is also the oath common to all lineage protectors.

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3/12~13 07:30~18:00preliminary puja

3/1416 07:30~22:00Creating sand mandala

3/17 07:30~18:00setting up and decorating the mandala

3/1825 07:30~18:00the main puja

On the evening of March 24 (Sun) there will be obstacle removal and Torma buring ritual, which will last until 10:00 p.m.


【Location】 Free Entry

Taishan Stadium

No. 54, Gongyuan Rd., Taishan Dist., New Taipei City 243, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

How to get there:


  • Get off the MRT Fu Jen University Station and take 1501 (approx. 25minutes,14 stops)or 637 (25minutes,14stops)


Get off at Tong Rong Li and walk about 7 minutes to the venue, Taishan Stadium.


  • Bus routes: 637 638 801 880 1501 1503


Get off at Tong Rong Li and walk about 7 minutes to the venue, Taishan Stadium.